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As human beings we are all naturally resourceful, but we can get stuck. Coaching brings the flow back into life. How we approach things, how we view things and how we do things.

Coaching individuals, my style is supportive and challenging, working with clients to remove any obstacles as they grow and work on their life and career aspirations. Coaching teams, I focus on how to build trust and collaboration within teams and create an environment where people leverage the strengths of others to achieve even greater outcomes.

I have always had an interest in personal development, how we learn, grow, change. As a manager of people from across the globe I gained a lot of experience in listening, questioning and finding that balance between support and challenge when it came to development, success and growth. I was interested in coaching in terms of how it could make more effective in helping others achieve their goals. What I didn’t know at this point was the great impact coaching would have on my own life. In studying my coaching diploma with the Irish Lifecoach Institute I not only learned the skills and competencies of coaching, but I also worked through the myriad of ‘stuff’ that was getting in my way of living the life I wanted to live.

I finished my Diploma in Personal and Business Coaching in 2014 and have been coaching ever since. I worked in a large global tech company and in conjunction by HR, I coached people outside my direct organisation on life, career and much more. In 2016 in studied for my Advanced Diploma and was certified by the International Coaching Federation in 2017 as an Associate Certified Coach having completed 100+ hours of coaching and successfully passed exams. In 2018 I moved home to Donegal, bag and baggage, and have been coaching online from my home office full time since I left my day job in 2020.

Move from feeling unsure to stepping purposefully towards your goals and dreams.

The meaning behind “A Touch of Yellow”…

I worked in Tech for 18 years and was always referred to as ‘The Yellow One’, which refers to personality testing we regularly carried out that helped us understand each other, our needs and our work preferences better. ‘Being Yellow’ meant my currency was relationships and people. In a world of tech, process, ideas and getting things done I was the one that always thought of and advocated for employees. As a manager I cared about people development and as a team member I cared about how change affected employees and how we could ensure our environment had a positive impact on those that worked there. I was responsible for balancing business and people needs and it was a role I thoroughly enjoyed.

As I thought about my own development I looked to study outside work again and found a Diploma in Coaching. I knew instantly this was what I wanted to help me with my passion in work. I did not realise the powerful impact the course would have on me and the positive impact it would have on my life. Throughout I was able to sort through my ‘baggage’ and free up my time and energy to enjoy life. As part of that journey I want to be able to share that experience with others. Coaching has changed my life for the better. It is something the world needs more of. In setting up this business I want to bring my passion and what the world needs together and simply see what is possible…

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Life Coach | Career Coach | Donegal

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