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Career Coaching

Career Coaching helps you define your career goals and provides support on that journey.

Life Coach | Career Coach | Donegal


  • Gain clarity around where you want to get to in your career and the steps you need to take to get there.
  • Get your story straight – whether that’s in a CV, a LinkedIn profile or an elevator pitch.
  • Interview practise – spend time doing mock interviews to prepare you for this side of career changes.


  • Explore your career to date: what you enjoy, dislike, dream about, are scared of.
  • Build a career plan: mood board, project plan, on a postit note… whatever way works for you
  • Preparation: CV, LinkedIn, mock interviews
  • Support in the stretch: ongoing support in the uncomfortable as you stretch into new and challenging areas

I worked with Sinéad as my coach for a while and I can recommend her strongly. We looked into different aspects of my career and in a very empathic & professional way she helped me to uncover my underlying values and goals. Based on sessions with her I won clarity on my goals and I focussed on the relevant action steps for developing my career. Sinéad brings in a lot of experience from the corporate world and combined with her great skills as a coach, her coaching has a huge positive impact. If you want to work with a fantastic coach, I recommend Sinéad.

Daniel Flossbach | Career Coaching Client

Life Coach | Career Coach | Donegal

Myth: Career coaching is only useful if I want to change my career.

Life Coach | Career Coach | Donegal

Truth: In every career there can be areas we don’t enjoy. Career coaching can help work through these ‘stuck moments’, to enable us to enjoy work even more.

Life Coach | Career Coach | Donegal

More about the process…

There is a very practical element to career coaching. We start by looking at the different areas of your career and analysing how much you’re enjoying each of them. We will brainstorm around how to make improvements in those areas, come up with action plans and deadlines for those and follow through in subsequent sessions.

If you are looking for support in applying for a particular role, time will be spent on understanding why that role is important to you. We will measure your motivation and level of commitment before moving onto building a CV, updating LinkedIn, writing applications and finally preparing for the interview itself.

Sinéad was a great coach who helped me to further my career. We focused on two aspects of executive engagement i.e. how to get alignment and support from your leaders. I appreciated the honesty and tough questions to really unpack what the issues were. Sinéad also helped me to challenge what my real purpose was. I enjoyed the practical and brave approach. Thank you Sinéad.

Sheldon Hand | Career Coaching Client

Life Coach | Career Coach | Donegal

The “Add a little sunshine to your career” package includes:

Session 1: Exploration of career to date
Session 2: Defining next steps
Session 3: Updating CVs, writing applications
Session 4: Mock interview

Career Coaching FAQs

Will you tell me which job suits me best?

No. The core philosophy of coaching is that you know the answers to your life questions better than anyone else. As the coach I will ask questions and support as you figure out what’s the right role for you. When you find the answer it is much more likely to be the right one. I will however reflect back to you what I hear you say and where you sound motivated about a certain role versus another for example.

How do I know you are the right coach for me?

I have a 15 minute introduction call with all potential clients after which you can decide if you think I’ll be a good fit as a coach for you. You will know after 15 minutes, actually probably after 5:)

How often do we need to meet?

This varies from client to client and greatly depends on what you want to work on, but as a general guideline meeting every 2 weeks works well. This gives you time to work on things to move you closer to your goals, but it is also not so long that you forget what you were working on.

Life Coach | Career Coach | Donegal

Book a consultation call

We start the process with a consultation call which gives you the opportunity to share some details on what you want to work on. I will provide an overview of the service. This is also a space where you can ask questions and get a sense of how we would work together.