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Everyone is successful in their own right

Life Coach | Career Coach | Donegal

Sinéad Doherty

April 5, 2022

“Everyone is successful in their own right”

I heard this phrase in a meeting as a small group of us were discussing success stories. It landed like a stone crashing into a calm pond, the ripples stayed with me for days. The pure truth and simplicity of it rang out and shone like a bright light showing the way.

Yes, we are all successful in our own right and that success is also fluid and changes as life does around us. I wondered also, as we all strive for success do we really know what that looks like? Have we got a clear picture of what we will be doing and feeling when we are successful?

For me with a toddler at home success looks like a good night’s sleep and a quick walk on my own somewhere to allow my introverted self some alone time in nature. But as I come out of the fog of having a small baby what success looks like is starting to change… it’s about running my own business, helping others, being challenged, making money. These things provide freedom, security, learning which are key values for me and without which I can manage for some time, but not forever, without losing my shine.

When I go for my walks, I often meet a local farmer mostly on his bicycle, keeping an eye on his stock. He always has a smile and says hello and we comment on the weather. Sometimes I ask about his elderly mother and he tells me ‘She’s giving out Sinead, she’s just fine’ and we share a laugh. It has often struck me how he comes across as one of the most content people I’ve ever met. What does success look like for him I wonder? I’m not sure, but if it’s anything around impact on others he’s doing pretty good.

When we know what success means to us, getting there is not easy either. There are steps forward and back and sideways and all ways. There are things that work and others that fall flat on their face. Some go it alone on these journeys and they will get to their destination all the same. Coaching can help, support and challenge when it comes to defining success for you, figuring out the steps to get there and dealing with the inevitable ups and downs. It can make the journey quicker and less lonely, provide more learning in-between, about yourself and this life you want to lead.

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