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I coach people to find challenge and fulfilment in their lives and careers.

Results I have gotten for my clients…

Life Coach | Career Coach | Donegal

Career Changes

I support people in the decision making process around whether to go for a role in a new company or not and worked with them through the interview process. They got the job!

Life Coach | Business Coach | Donegal

New Role Support

I work with people who have taken on a bigger role in an organization. I supported them as they worked out how to delegate/backfill their previous tasks and build the right structure and roles to support the new organization.

Life Coach | Business Coach | Donegal

Getting unstuck

I work with people all the time that are stuck on a particular issue in their life, be it a personal relationship or a professional conflict that is generally creating frustration and unhappiness. We work through these issues big and small to free people up to live their best life.

Life Coach | Career Coach | Donegal

I know how you feel…

  • Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed with all that is going on in your life?
  • You are wondering how to get the career you want in 3-5 years?
  • You are very unhappy where you’re working. You’re asking yourself if you should stay or go?
  • There is a personal relationship affecting your life, that you need help to improve
  • Conflict is difficult for you, but not speaking up is making you angry. How can you change that?
  • You notice this same pattern happening again and again in your life and I really want to change it.

Sound familiar?

What my clients have to say…

Life Coach | Career Coach | Donegal

Sinéad patiently helped me ‘unpack’ my issues and I feel amazing as a result. I have a lot to thank her for!

Mary Ely | Life Coaching Client

Life Coach | Career Coach | Donegal

I won clarity on my goals and I focused on the relevant action steps for developing my career.

Daniel Flossbach | Career Coaching Client

Life Coach | Career Coach | Donegal

Sinéad had helped me overcome many challenges and life changing decisions.

Paige Ong | Life Coaching Client

Take the time and space to unpack your issues and you will find your own answers.

We know when we are taking the right steps and when we are not. That knowing is our own. It comes from within. It may take time to access it, but once we do, no challenge will seem too great.

You can continue to muddle through


you can add some clarity and light to where you are going, through the power of coaching.

Full Testimonials

Life Coach | Career Coach | Donegal

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We start the process with a consultation call which gives you the opportunity to share some details on what you want to work on. I will provide an overview of the service. This is also a space where you can ask questions and get a sense of how we would work together.